Private Art Lessons

Thank you for visiting my teaching artist page page! I offer a wide variety of classes, based on medium, technique, and level, for adults and children ages 5 and up. Lessons take place in my home studio or in your home. Lessons are one-on-one, Small groups of 4 also available. Most supplies are included.

Art Lessons for Children 5 and up

One on One or Small Group (siblings and friends)

Providing children with an education in fine art, customized to their level, interests and needs, using good quality artist materials. Taylor made instruction that will empower and inspire your child’s gifts! Learn professional artist techniques that allows for self-expression and self-confidence. I design all of my curriculum’s specifically for each student, considering their age, past experience with artist materials, interests and goals both discussed with the student and parent.

Lessons will include one-on-one fine art history, materials and techniques; including color theory, composition, design and balance. We will look at chosen artists work relating to lessons and discuss their concepts and art making process.

Lessons are customized to each individual’s creative abilities and understanding of art and materials. I guide students through their work allowing for incorporating their ideas rather than fearing a mistake or worry about final outcome.

I offer a wide variety of classes as I am well versed in multiple mediums and techniques.

Lessons that take place in my home studio include supplies and an art reference library.

(Lessons on location include most supplies)

Classes include:

Color Theory/ Color Mixing Techniques

Drawing (Graphite, Charcoal, Colored pencils, Pastels)

Acrylic and Watercolor Painting Techniques

Clay Techniques (Air Dry Clay- Hand building, carving and modeling)


Mixed Media

Portraiture, Still Life, Landscapes and Abstract Styles


Some of the many benefits of art for children:

Problem Solving

Focus and memory

Communication Skills

Development of Motor skills and Dexterity

Language Development

Decision Making

Visual Scanning and Learning

Cultural Awareness

Improved Academic Performance

Art Lessons for Adults

Adult lessons include one-on-one guidance to help artists solve technical and/or conceptual problems in their work and will bring a fresh start to the creative process. The goal is to encourage the voice and vision of individual artists to support the creation of work that pushes the boundaries of their work.

Together we will explore how artists today incorporate the diverse elements of mediums into their work, and the ways in which you can best translate your own work using your chosen medium as well as exploring new ones. Each participant will have a chance to explore techniques that will enrich their work and practice, including printmaking techniques, painting, inks and various drawing and mark making mediums.

Lessons that take place in my home studio include supplies, an art reference library and Internet.

(Lessons on location include most supplies)



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